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Nov 13, 2012 11:00pm EST
, and in columbus, ohio in that time period, there were negative ads, almost all negative, quite effective, about bain, the auto industry bailout, and they were, you know, about policy proposals that were mischaracterizing mitt romney's policy proposals, but effective. that he would raise taxes on middle class for instance. we can't forget it was not a level playing field until really the very end, until after the convention when the general election funds were available to mitt romney which he needed to respond. we were not in all the markets in ohio. we were being outspent, and so that has a cumulative effect. it's difficult. i chaired ohio, and i'm too focused on ohio, but the same is true in the other swing states. it's tough to come back from there, but back to your question about, you know, how do you take policy issues and translate the way people care about? i think it's a huge challenge for us, and, again, i would suggest a loft people in the room share that challenge to the extent of forgetting partisanship here that you believe in policies that lead to economic growth, more jobs, and i
Nov 26, 2012 11:00pm EST
started october 12th which he timed to coincide with the columbus' arrival in the americas. he aimed high in his vision for the new school. the president, though, is not the first speaker. after an opening prayer, a princeton professor, henry van dyke, recited a poem "texas,: a democratic ode" that he wrote for the ceremony. this is drawn from an indian legend invokes wild bees, stars, and frontier pioneers. "the dallas morning news" reported the audience listened with the strictist attention with frequent applause. now, the next speaker, the chief justice spoke in prose. his review was nowhere near as good as the poet received. [laughter] in light of that, i thought the best course would be for me to compos a poem for this occasion. [laughter] there's no need to panic or run for the exits i gave up the plan and couldn't think of words that rhymed with lat latin legal terms. [laughter] the essay is, in fact, a truly magnificently scholarly work presents thoughtful and prophetic vision of what the rice institution would become. i want to focus on one point made. he observedded the great ch
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2